Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gotta love the heat

There is no in between temperature here in the valley. It's spring one day and a nice 60-something and then the next day it's all BOOM! 90+ degree weather. No nice slide from spring into summer, it just happens.

Penny has revealed herself to be a princess dog, who prefers to be inside in front of the air conditioning/fan unit in our living room than outside in the sun, even when it's a pleasant 78F. She also enjoys playing with ice, and long walks in the evening.

Etta has found a wonderful place to escape both the heat and the reach of the dog's tongue. A good thing considering she apparently doesn't have the brain capacity to move when she sees the dog coming.

She is also very helpful when I'm trying to photograph stuff for my shop. This is exactly the kind of help I need.

This is what I'm getting paid to do this time- organizing a bunch of files (minus the blue box which isn't part of it).

And a WIP of another ACEO which I have yet to finish. It's a fawn but I think it turned out looking more like a dog. The leaves in the background are fun, and this is more like what I normally end up doing if I have nothing else going on in a day- I fill a page with stuff.

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