Thursday, April 22, 2010


I haven't meant to neglect my blog or my Etsy account lately, but I needed to divert my attention and put all of it into finding a job. Next month is when VFS is expecting me to begin paying my monthly tuition things, and I haven't had any luck whatsoever finding anyone who will hire me lately.

I'll be balancing my time more efficiently between Etsy promotions, job applications and a major project that I'm working on in the background. It involves a lot of hands on fine art and craft stuff, so it's going to be taking up time on its own.

My idea is that I'm going to develop deeply a fantasy culture that I've been working with on and off over the past three/four years. Beginning from the ground up, I'm compiling all of my reference information and materials on them, and putting it all together in a PDF file to be bound so I stop losing track of all of it.

The goal I'm working with right now is to write three pages of information per day, plus drawings and schematics of buildings, social structures, languages, etc. Part of making it more "real" for me is to also be creating things in three-dimensions. So that would be things like ships, jewelry, sculptures, models of buildings, wall carvings, etc. All in all it's pretty elaborate and will definitely take awhile to complete. I want to have at the very least 150 pages of text plus photos and drawings bound together by the time I go off to VFS next February.

I'll probably also be sending this stuff in to be copyrighted once it's all together, that way I don't have to pay too many different processing fees. What this blog will be tracking daily is the art and crafting part of it. The model building and the sketches detailing some parts of what I'm doing (pictograph languages are really fun, by the way) and probably tutorials dealing with in-depth world building exercises.

The cover art mentioned in my previous post didn't get used by the paper, so I'll be offering the original and prints of it on my Etsy shop in a few days. Waiting to hear back on the price estimate of the prints from the printing lab that I use.

Also, the new Predator movie has gotten me really excited. I'm a sci-fi/horror nut!

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