Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cover Art, New Earrings and Other Things

"Ice Field" 2010 Ink and Marker on Illustration Board
Can also been seen at my deviantart.

Ice Field is actually an inked piece I've been working on over the course of the winter when I had the time or the inspiration to add more onto it. At some point it managed to get some kind of spot on it and I put it aside for awhile, thinking I'd get back to it when I figured out how to cover up a stain on the cliff wall. I think it flows rather nicely now though. :)

Originally, I was going to color it in as well, but it looks just fine with the colors its got. I tried to highlight a few things subtly, but the orange might stand out a little too much. It's 9x9" square on a nice thick sheet of Strathmore illustration board. Pen, ink, marker. A little left over pencil on some of the cracks, but I think it looks nice that way.

Next time I do a big piece I'll have to remember to take progression shots, so I can maybe do a coloring/inking tutorial.

My beautiful gyroscope earrings from Kitty Violet's Closet arrived today. They're awesomely fun and got a lot of compliments from the people who saw them. Go check out her shop if you haven't already. The owner is friendly and has absolutely beautiful things in stock with very few sales. She really deserves more. :)

Today was a wonderful spring day in the Valley, too! Bright and sunny and just warm enough that you didn't need a jacket. Mom and I went out to look for some galoshes to wear up at Warm Lake while we're gone on Monday and Tuesday, because it may not snow in the Valley anymore but it most certainly has up in the mountains. Because of the beautiful weather I've spent more time planning out the kitchen garden and we got a raspberry bush and a Chardonnay
grape vine (for eating!). What I'd really, really like to find would be a gooseberry bush. My grandmother always had one in her yard in Indiana and she'd make gooseberry pie. I've got her recipe, but it only tastes good with fresh gooseberries.

Other then the berries we'll be planting an herb garden and drying the excess at the end of the season to use for the rest of the year. I'm also planting a bunch of vegetables that can be used for stir-fry so I don't have to run to the store quite so often to pay for overpriced bok choy and napa cabbage. :\

This is probably something no one but me will care about, but oh well. I need to get this out.

There was a long rant here. I started writing this post earlier, but have turned up some new info on my issues with this game account suspension. Apparently it was still linked to the person who had upgraded it for me. All of her accounts also got upgraded, and because of the link to her accounts the game mods are treating it as her account and won't say a word to me. She hasn't heard anything useful either, except for the stock "This account has been suspended by this mod, please contact the mothersite in order to learn why" message. Hopefully more will be explained tomorrow. I know I haven't done anything against the rules, but I can't vouch for her.

Now, I understand why they won't always talk to someone whose account is linked to someone else (after they bought it with fake cash on the site, or had it upgraded) but when both parties involved are saying that an account shouldn't be linked to others and that it really does belong to the person they won't talk to- it's counterproductive. If this is because of something I accidentally did, then I would like to be able to work it out. But the mod in charge of this issue won't even let me get a word in edgewise so to speak. If it's *not* because of something I did, I'd like my account back. End of story. Just because I didn't pay physical cash doesn't mean that I didn't put time and effort into earning the upgrade. And apparently it can't be "unlinked" once it's been suspended. Because it's linked to the person who's been suspended. And the mods won't talk to me about it.

Kind of keeps going around in circles like that. Been doing this round about all day long. One mod says to send in a support ticket and then it gets answered with "Can't tell you, it's not your account". Even when I've explained the whole thing to both mods involved. I'd leave the game, but I've invested a good chunk of money in it and I still have time left on several other upgraded accounts. :\

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