Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful spring weather and buying things on Etsy!

Today was absolutely gorgeous for it not being spring yet (going by the calendar)! Sunny and warm all day. I wanted to go downtown and do some life drawing and see about getting some of my cards put out at shops, but ended up staying home to babysit the puppy instead.

It wasn't too bad, she just wants to be in your lap helping when you're trying to work on things. And she's a big puppy! Penny's also just starting puppy classes, so she's got some daily things we have to do with her to make sure she remembers. The good thing is she's a quick learner, so it only takes a few times.

After she fell asleep in the sun I decided it would be good to browse around on Etsy and work on promoting my shop some more. A few days ago I first saw HarnessedEarth's shop and absolutely fell in love with one of the agate cabochons there. I had decided to sit on it and consider for a little while, but today I couldn't stand it any longer and bought it.

Also felt in the crafty mood and bought a lot of 100 scrabble pieces as well to do some decoupage on when they get here. It made me sad so realize that my scrabble set could be considered vintage. It's only from 1989!

Ammonites are another thing that interests me and I want to get better at wire-wrapping things that aren't a consistent shape all over, so I also bought a pair of those a few days ago. Hopefully having some more options open with what I can do while I'm waiting and also searching for a job will help keep me from getting tired of painting and drawing.

When we went to the store they were have a sale on some tiny light bulbs so I got some of those as well. Miniature things are a fascination to me, and I always enjoy the challenge of making something teeny. This gave me the opportunity to try making those light bulb terrariums that seem to be all over the place now (or maybe that's just me?).

As soon as the resin on this batch of bottle cap pieces gets done curing I'll also be offering some small (1 inch diameter) original bottle cap pieces that can be used as whatever you want them to be for. They'll probably be sold as pairs, and I'll open up the option to have custom piece made with an piece of art and brand of your choice. I'd drill holes to hang them with, but the drill bit that would work for that seems to be missing from the kit.

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