Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Blog!


This blog will be following Cold Northern's shop on Etsy. What gets posted up, what's in the works, where things will be sold locally and where to look for her online as well.

First off, I would like to say I am entirely new to Etsy and to being a seller. Most of the time I have only really given away my art and my jewelry to friends and family as gifts, but this is a direction I have fully intended to go with my work as well.

Much of the art that I produce doesn't really have a single category it can be filed under. My interests are varied and I produce work that reflects how I feel and what is going on in my head at the time. As a result, I don't do a lot of realism studies, although I am perfectly able to do so.

The majority of my art is done in pen and ink by hand and will never really see the light of day otherwise, seeing as how not very many people know about my deviantart account and I'm still working on networking my Etsy shop, so not too much exposure there, either.

I also use collage techniques, paint (watercolor, acrylic, oil and gouache), gel pen, ball point pen, graphite, charcoal, chalk pastel, oil pastel, make up, white out, coffee, brush ink, clay, decorative papers, colored pencil, beads, metal, glass and whatever else I can get my hands on to do art with. Sometimes this branches out into three dimensional works, which I may also occasionally have up for sale on Etsy.

I am available for custom piece or commissions, just drop me a line at or send me a conversation on Etsy to discuss what you want. I do have a custom form to fill out but being as detailed as you possibly can when sending me these sorts of requests is very helpful.

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